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A territory which unites us

Linking a laid-back lifestyle and a whirlwind of creativity, town and countryside, heritage and innovation, audacity and simplicity, individual fulfilment and the collective mind-set… this is Grand Poitiers’ never-ending  quest to give its 200,000 inhabitants a sustainable and stimulating living environment.
A territory which unites us © Iboo Création

The future is happening now in Grand Poitiers

“Imagine, explore and experiment- invent tomorrow’s world while facing today”. Meet Grand Poitiers : a territory of knowledge, audacity and creativity nestling at the heart of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region. It combines a laid-back lifestyle with technological, economic and social innovation.

Should you come to live here, you will quickly find that new horizons are just waiting to be opened in the fields of biotechnology, culture, e-sport, edTechs, or transport. The story can continue with all of you : business owners, students, researchers, artists, and inhabitants, the story of a territory which is often at the cutting edge thanks to the agility of the men and women at its heart.

Town and countryside come together here : a balancing act between individual fulfilment and that of the community. Let’s respond together to society’s growing hopes and dreams. A society which wants to enjoy both the dynamism of an urban centre and real quality of life in the midst of natural, oxygen-rich green spaces. A society which believes in cooperation and solidarity, both local and international. A society which has been inspired to build, as well as inspiring us to build, a shared vision of living together.

The future, green and humanist, inclusive and sustainable, creative and thrilling, is happening now in Grand Poitiers.

The future is happening now in Grand Poitiers
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    University Hospital and prestigious University
  • 02

    Soft mobility and public transport
  • 03

    Quality children’s services
  • 04

    Intergenerationality and solidarity
  • 05

    Accessibility and quality of life
  • 06

    Culture, sport and e-sport
  • 07

    Leisure and tourism
  • 08

    Affordable property market


Marcela Saldaño arrived from Chile with her head full of dreams. In spite of the language barrier, she was “warmly welcomed everywhere, at the university as well as during her internships (…). She was easily able to go on with her studies in Grand Poitiers and to open the door to a seemingly limitless future.

Six years later she values change and is constantly learning in a city which corresponds perfectly to her creative mind as a poet.

Her testimonial highlights how Grand Poitiers supports newcomers as well as the day-to-day life of a fulfilled urban woman in a safe yet surprising environment.

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